Can we just all agree that cultural appropriation doesn’t exist?

Cultural appropriation-when butthurt people get angry at you for embracing other cultures

Basically the people that accuse others of cultural appropriation are made because in their opinion you should only like things that come from your culture. You should only listen to your cultures music, eat your cultures food, wear your cultures clothes and etc.

It’s this stupid idea that if you use something, practice something, or even just like something from another culture that you are racist because it’s not from your culture and therefore you are committing culture appropriation. 

The thing is though culture is not the same thing as race as religion. I can be black and embrace and practice Japanese culture. I can be Muslim and wear a kimono. Because culture race and religion are all different things .

Yet as soon as some people hear that i like Japanese music their faces twist up sourly. ‘but that’s not your culture. Why are you pretending to be Japanese? You have your own culture.’ well to that i say this. Don’t assume shit about me. Don’t assume shit about anyone. I can pick and choose what ever culture i want to. As long as i respect it there is no problem. I will wear a kimono, i will listen to visual kei and jpop and i wront be told how to live my life.

Listen, if someone is telling you not to enjoy something sorry because of your race it background, ignore them. You do what you want to do. You do what makes you happy.

Culture appropriation doesn’t exist . It’s just some lame way of trying to brainwash people. Embrace cultures, learn about the world, live lifethe way you want. 


How the Logan Paul story made me feel.

I’ve been waiting to do this blog because it is a touchy subject for me and i wanted to make sure i got my point across without misunderstanding. 

So as I’m pretty sure everyone now knows, big YouTube star Logan Paul recently put out a video in which he went to the sadly now famed suicide forest in Japan. Im not sure why a place where hundreds of people take their own lives has become a tourist attraction to Americans, but, it has. That by itself is sad, but let’s not stray from our topic , which is Logan Paul’s idiotic and horrendous behavior in Japan. 

So Logan Paul not only went to the suicide forest in Japan, he also filmed the trip and if you think that’s bad I’m not finished yet. While in the suicide forest he came across a dead body. Now, the smart thing would have been to shut the cameras off call authority’s so that they can identify this person, and allow the victims family to finally find out where their missing relative had gone to. Yes i know, that would have been hard to see a family go through, but either way it’s still a million times better then what Logan did.

Logan decided to film the suicide victim, he got up close, only blurred out the face and proceeded to make jokes about finding the dead body. He described the blue skin and listed finding the body as the top five things to ever happen to him*Dramatic sigh* nice to know that Logan Paul sees someone suicide as a top five thing…

This itself is giving me a headache, yet it gets worse. Logan Paul titles said video ‘I found a dead body in the suicide forest’ and even uses the body in his shitty excuse for a thumbnail. I mean really my baby cousin could make a better thumbnail. 

I don’t know what to say towards his behavior other then ew. Just ew. How could someone film something so terrible? How could someone use another person’s death to get YouTube views? Honestly i just can’t wrap my head around it. 

How could someone find a dead body and not show an ounce of sadness on their face? Just thinking about the possibility of finding a dead body sends my heart racing, make my palms sweat, make me sick to my stomach. That fact that this was a suicide victim make it even worse. That fact that it was in a place called the suicide forest makes it unbelievable. What did he expect going into the suicide forest, rainbows and unicorns? 

Honestly i feel like the wasn’t a mistake, people don’t purposely post mistakes on YouTube. I have a (shitty)YouTube channel and I’ve never made a mistake of uploading a video, I’ve never accidently used a dead body in my thumbnail. That’s not a mistake.

Now I’m going to talk about this from another point, because filming a dead body isn’t the only wrong thing Logan Paul did in Japan, he also completely disrespected the culture, the people , and, the food. 

He put on a Pikachu costume and ran around with a Pokeball. That’s send innocent right?? If he had left it at that there would be no problem. Hell, that’s something I’d like to do myself. That’s not all he did though, he proceeded to disrupt the peace buy shouting incredibly loudly tutoring the Pokeball at chefs, people riding their bikes, moving cars, and even the police!!! Don’t throw stuff at cops man!!

Haven’t you learned that through American media yet?? It never ends well. Don’t disrespect people especially not the่ญฆๅฎ˜๐Ÿ‘ฎ(cops). 

Now as you may know i love Japan . I have for a very long time . I can speak and understand a good chunk of Japanese. I love the food, the culture, the fashion trends, and, the music!! I love Japan! I’ve never gone though. So seeing Logan Paul behave the way he did in the biggest fish many in Japan, where you can literally but while meals, a market the size of a small city, i was deeply upset.  He bought some amazing looking fish and did nothing but toy around with it. In the end he left it on a random car ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

It’s obvious that Logan Paul doesnt care about culture, doesn’t respect food and poverty, thinks suicide if funny and uses it for views, and, treats people like shit. I’m wondering how such a  person has gained popularity. His humor is lacking as Is his personality.

Following poison such as him will only lead to blind corruption.

Now my message to all of you is to Respect culture, respect food, respect people, and, respect life.
Let’s make 2018 an enjoyable year why don’t we??

Love you

Wonderous mochi ๐Ÿ’œ

Why is k- rock so underrated??๐Ÿ˜”

OK but seriously over the last few years i have discovered sone amazing Korean Rock bands such as nemesis and bustered and i just don’t get why they don’t seem to get a lot of attention. I mean k pop is so popular at the moment and i hear people always saying there obsessed with Korean music, yet Korean Rock is so underrated… Why is that?  How is it that one kpop video can get fourteen million views within hours while Korean Rock bands are lucky if they even reach a million views within years. Don’t believe me? Look at the views for the newest kpop video, and then at the views for Bustered. Huge difference and i don’t understand why. Korean Rock like Rock from all around the world is awesome. I mean I’m used to underrated music as I’m part of the very small yet still going strong visual kei community. However even vkei videos get more views then Korean Rock videos. WHAT IS HAPPENING?  

I hope Korean Rock gets more recognition this year!!

 Stay sweet and listen to k-Rock my mochis

let’s talk mochi (the dessert ๐Ÿ˜‚)ย 

Ugh so yesterday i literally went to the Asian market closest to where i live, and i l bought four boxes of mochi  . It’s crazy because for weeks i had been craving the flavor of matcha. If you don’t know what matcha is, it’s an amazing green tea powder you stir into hot water and drink.  You can also mix it into other things like Ice cream, cake,  cookies, basically, anything sweet . Im particularly fond of matcha and for some reason my favorite way to have it is in the sticky sweet rice cake known as mochi. I can’t get enough of it, which is why i came home with a box of green tea mochi rolls along with three other fruit flavored boxes of mochi. 

Something about eating mochi makes me happy. I mean come on as an American the thought of sweet rice is mind blowing! And getting that taste of green tea asking with it , amazing (^^โ™ช(เน‘ยดฺก`เน‘)

Stay sweet my mochis